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"laboratory instrumentation for microscopy and surface science investigations"

Nanoscience Instruments embraced responsive web design, benefited from user interface design, and made their customers happier with a custom customer dashboard.


  • User Interface lacking in engagement and simplicity:
    Resulting in a very unpleasant user experience.

  • Product Data & Resources Grouping:
    Creating a disorienting and frustrating user experience, and the lack of desire to use the website as a resource.

  • Outdated Software:
    Inhibiting optimal content management system performance and operations.


  • Complete website redesign, and information architecture reconstruction:
    Interface development, design and role based views. Pageflow and information architecture redesigned to facilitate a more dynamic  and user-friendly content discovery process.

  • Custom Client Center:
    A 100% custom client dashboard designed in order to connect clients to support and service resources.

  • Concrete5 Upgrades & Augmentation:
    System upgrades and improvements.

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