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Enriching UX for websites, mobile apps, and web based applications

Effective interface design moves people forward through technology, allowing them to fulfill their needs quickly and efficiently. Interfaces are the intersection where people and technology meet. They are quite literally the most important element of end-user interaction.

Defining “Easier”

Here at LilliMedia, we design stunning interfaces for digital landscapes like that of mobile apps, software, and websites. The word "usability" has become a catch-phrase for products and services that “work better” and that are “easy-to-use” for their users. We use a custom approach that we’ve named “The E5 approach” for well crafted user experiences. Here are the five core principals of our interface design process: 

  • Efficient:
    The fewer screens the better. Within the current screen/environment how can the user achieve their goal or maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or browsing.

  • Effective:
    Think one step ahead toward reaching the user’s goal. What needs to occur now based off of the previous consequence of an action or the previous screen.

  • Engaging:
    Page-flow, imagery, style, and animations all make a world of difference. Within the current screen/environment what arrangements have been made in order to entice the user to continue toward their goal?

  • Error-Tolerant:
    People make mistakes. In the event that a mistake is made while navigating within the current environment, what interface elements are available to correct an erroneous action?

  • Easy to learn:
    People are lazy. Intuitive design is everything. As a part of our Discovery & Design phase, we try to understand the reason why the user is using your website, product, or service. Then we craft an intuitive interface that coincides with the user’s relative needs.

In order to ensure a quality, well rounded experience, all of our interface designs are evaluated against all of the E5 approach’s principals which best describes the user’s requirements for success, satisfaction, and good experience architecture.

If your product or website needs some interface lovin’ contact us today  - 480-442-3560. While you’re here, why not check out our portfolio to see some of our work?

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