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Be seen. Be heard. In this web based day and age being found in search engines, converting web site visitors into customers, broadcasting your message, and your unique value proposition is crucial to the success of any business. We specialize in creating meaningful, relevant, rich and in-depth experiences that turn internet surfers into customers and then raving fans thereafter. Using the following skill set we use the internet to move your business forward, one click at a time.

Content Marketing

We have the secret recipe to customer online creation. We leverage the digital assets of businesses to spread their message, and tell their story through the use of blogging, video, white papers, micro-blogging, e-books, commercial photography, infographics, questionnaires, email, and social media - just to name a few. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to the success of any company. LilliMedia's Phoenix search engine optimization services help your website to rank higher in search engines. Showing up in search engines is how you get people to veer into your online presence. Do you need help showing up in Google?!

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Video Marketing

Majority of people prefer watching a video over reading. When introducing or explaining your company, products, or services using a video can be the difference between enticing or irritating. Your audience will respond with greater force to a short video - no thinking required. Also short engaging web videos can help decrease your website's bounce ratio; and promote your rank with in search engine results pages.

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Social Media Marketing

Do you know where your customers are coming from? How are you retaining customers? Are You on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Did you know that your customers are waiting for you to join them there? Social media websites are an excellent opportunity to market, or even re-market to prospective clients. Would you like to find out how to build the right social media marketing plan to create customers online and improve your social SEO rankings?

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Location Based SEO

Did you know that when you do a Google search one of the first things that Google does is check WHERE you're entering your search from? Lots of local businesses market to a more local or regional market (more specifically when service requires travel to a location in order to perform a service). So in order to stay visible in search engine searches with local targets local search engine optimization is a must.

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Email Marketing

An oldie, but goodie. People have a tendency of opening emails from people that they know. Email marketing is an excellent internal or external tool - when utilized correctly -  to market to existing customer basins, or maintain top of mind awareness with prospective customers.

Experience Design

Through the array creative and technical specialties that LilliMedia offers we create rich, in-depth experiences that help you tell your story across the internet. We're the full service internet marketing firm that moves brands forward through the experiences that we create online, on mobile devices, and where people are looking for your products and or services online. Get ready for growth.

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Marketing Strategy & Consultancy

Sometimes it's a big help to have a helping hand, or a listening ear. We are your trusted advisers. We offer monthly support, coaching, advising, and mediation for all size businesses. We'd love to be your marketing consultant you too!

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