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Does your brand’s story tell prospective customers that your brand in is in fact the right choice for them? We help brands like yours create customers online.

Identifying Brand Facets

Brands - just like people - are multi-faceted. On the modern web there are multiple touch points for consumers to interact with the facets of any brand. Each touchpoint is an additional opportunity for your consumer to fall in love with your brand. Have your brand’s touch points been optimized to deliver the same consistent, fluid, message? The same experience, and the same story? Properly designed and optimized touch points turn interested searchers into closed sales. We specialize in the design and optimization of these touch points through the use of social media, email marketing, interactive design, and the array search marketing techniques commonly called search engine optimization.

Telling Your Brand’s Story

Today there is no market without saturation. However saturation is a good thing… People choose brands because they can relate to them, or because they can see a proposed benefit. The mastery of acquiring new customers lays within a few areas: emotional connectivity, carefully crafted anecdotes, first-person testimonials, and brand advocates telling tales of how they’ve benefited from your product or service. Your brand needs to “feel” right.

At LilliMedia we practice the art of internet marketing driven by digital storytelling. We craft the right message for the right person, so that they know your brand is right for them. The hardest part of telling any brand’s story is finding the right audience to converse with. While working with us, we will create a multi-faceted set of stories, interactions, feelings, and proposed benefits that explain what your brand does, and why people should care about it. Do you think that your brand has some need for improvement? Contact us today for a free consultation - 480-442-3560.