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At LilliMedia we work with all size businesses; helping them attain visions of excellence on the internet. We love making your vision work for your business and your customers. At LilliMedia we specialize in Web Development, ECommerce Development, Mobile App Development, CMS Development, and Software Development.

Software Development

Did you ever think of your web browser as software? Guess what?! Web browsers are software applications for displaying web pages. Web based applications are software applications that can be accessed via the web. Web Apps make life easier, simpler, and better. Whether you're tracking your income for the year, or playing games on facebook you're using a web app. We paint the web with wonderful apps that help businesses and end-users alike. Ask us about cloud apps.

Mobile Apps

The massive explosion of mobile device usage has revolutionized the web and day to day life. Games, utilities, and organizers will never be the same! 5.9 Billion mobile devices browse the web daily. Wouldn't it be a great idea if those people could browse your products or services with ease? LilliMedia can help your business go mobile! Ask us about Mobile Apps.

Concrete5 Web Development

Concrete5 is our secret little gem. “This software is serious business for serious business.” It's got extensive functionality built in, and plenty of options. It was made for developers by developers. A good deal of the websites we create are built on Concrete5. We're huge C5 advocates, and love what we've done with it so far.

WordPress Web Development

WordPress? Yeah we do that too. We can pretty much make anything with WordPress. Like creating custom themes from scratch or customizing components of your existing installation - synchronize custom post types, create APIs, custom fields, taxonomies, the whole enchilada.

eCommerce Web Development

Gain and retain customers online without a physical store font. By using LilliMedia's fully customizable payment system, you will be able to accept and process credit cards securely via the Internet. This method of acceptance can be done seamlessly, making payment convenient for both new and existing customers, increasing sales and customer loyalty. Get Paid!