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The D.R.I.P. System

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1. Discovery & Design

Bringing Your Idea To Life...

Step one: The first step of our process is learning as much as possible about you and your business. This happens for every new member of our client family. We examine your existing business model, your industry trends, user profiles, marketing plan, and targeted demographic. This information is used to facilitate the wire framing process where we walk through your entire site, user experience, page flow, interactions, and general “look & feel” decisions.

2. Revise & Redefine

Is There Room For Improvement?

Step two: Making things better. Here you'll be able to view wireframes, and the functionality of the project. From these, we develop more refined designs. For custom programming, this would mean a "working proof" - a simple working version of the project. During the revisions process we take your feed back and our ideas to take a second look at the project's construct and evaluate if and how we can make things better.

3. Implimentation & Integration

Getting It All To Play Nice..

Step three: This is where the paint hits the fan! Now that the concept, the design, functionality, and the aesthetics have all been approved it's time to put it all on canvas. In step three of our process our team – fueled by caffine – diligently works around the clock to make sure that we're on-time and on-budget as we master craft your one-of-a-kind idea.

4. Project Launch

It's Go Time!

Step four: Last – but not least! Time to let the paint dry, and put it online. Once the site is ready for the public, and after it has been tested - including functionality and cross-browser testing - we ask for the green light. One last security check, (including backup procedures) takes place, and then your project hits the internet.

Are you ready to paint the web? What are you waiting for?! Contact us now so that we can get started on your project!

Are you ready to paint the web?

If so, contact us now so that we can get started on your project!

Let's Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Wireframes?

Wireframes are an image, or set of images that display the functional elements of a website or page. We typically use wireframes for the planning of a site's structure and/or functionality. We use three different kind of wireframes: 

  • Minimalist Wireframes

  • HD Wireframes

  • HTML wireframes

What’s your process for projects that aren’t Web Design or Web Development projects?

We have a wide variety of services available. Not all of which center around web design. If we’re engaged in a project that isn’t web design related, our process still touches on the four stages here: research, conceptualization, revisions, final product.

Why did I receive a “Work Change Order”, and what is that?

If you receive a Work Change Order, it’s because additional services other than that of the initial quoted scope have been requested, and there’s a cost differential. If you have questions about a work change order please contact us.