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Every year millions of Americans - football lovers or not - flock together to watch the superbowl! Whether it’s the funny commercials, halftime show, or your favorite team, majority of America tunes in. Big brands being aware of this, spend millions sometimes billions of dollars on TV commercials, in an effort to win our hearts and brand loyalty.

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain-name registrar and web-hosting provider - has previously made it’s mark on millions through other previously advertised super bowl commercials. And yet again they returned to make their mark. Only this time, they emerged as a search engine optimization company too. Their advertisement was for that of their new SEO product “Get Found” - per the commercial it’s supposed to make customers flock to every local small business that uses it.

All jokes aside, Danica Patrick looked pretty frickin’ ripped in her foam body suit. The commercial had excellent delivery and gave it’s viewers a little giggle at the end. However after seeing the commercial, I kind of thought to myself, “Well, that seems WAAAY too good to be true…” then I thought to myself “where have I seen this before?!”. So I decided to look into the program myself and see what it was all about.

y findings immediately brought me to the immediate out loud exclamation of: “LO AND BEHOLD! IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!”. GoDaddy’s Get Found makes the suggestive claim:

Get Found Online

Attract customers to your business. Showcase it on top sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp with GoDaddy Get Found.


After reviewing the product in detail this looks a heck of a lot like link spamming. Or even worse, directory spamming. I’m not gonna lie… I was both disappointed, and pleased. Simultaneously. The section of their website devoted to this new product has some great experience design elements referencing throwbacks from the super bowl commercial, and invoking feelings of positivity, comedic relief, and trust for their new product. It looks like a really awesome product too. Under the microscope we see that this product offers a few features like:

- One-click submission to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing

(Google’s not a fan of link submission services...)

- Easy submission to over 100 search engines and directories

(uhmm yeah… Google’s STILL really not a fan of link submission services...)

- Google Keyword Generator

(I’m sorry, I thought that Google got rid of the keyword tool thing last year)

- Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Checklist

(When did the SEO checklist get dumbed down to 10 things?! We thought there were hundreds of factors considered with getting a site to rank...)

And if that doesn’t totally blow your mind, they had just one super mind boggling testimonial at the bottom of their product intro page. I’m sure it’s the first of many to come!


Ya know, maybe SEOs all over the world had it wrong. Perhaps optimizing a website really is just as simple as:


Other companies have tried to roll out similar products like this too… for some strange reason they never seem to stick around. There’s just something about automation that Google seems to hate. Perhaps it has something to do with the huge panda and penguin updates that were designed specifically to destroy web spam… hmm. Well surely history won’t repeat itself.

Clearly since creating quality content, on-going on-site optimization, building quality inbound links, PPC, and hundreds of other factors are now irrelevant according to GoDaddy, they’ll probably take the market by storm - putting all of us authentic SEOs out of business. Look out local search engine optimization industry GoDaddy is coming through!

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