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The week of March 10th, Facebook released their new, streamlined look for Pages. This new look makes it easier for people to find the information they are looking for and helps Page admins find the tools they use most.

new facebook pages

Pages will now have two columns. The right-side column is wider than the left-side column. It contains all the Page’s posts. The point is for all posts to appear consistently on the Page and in newsfeed. The smaller, left-side column displays business information such as: hours of business, phone number, a map and website url. In this column, photos and videos will also be displayed.

facebook new look851548_692609370790074_1098793078_n.png

The “This Week” section allows you to view information about ads, likes, and unread messages and notifications easily. You also have direct access to your Ad’s Manager account through the Build Audience menu.

facebook updates business profiles

Facebook also added a Pages To Watch section. Users can create a list of Pages similar to their own and compare.


The new updates look great! However...

Due to the increased width of the right-side column, common screens will only be able to see about two posts. In other words, this is genocide for marketers because they are losing both valuable engagement and priceless real estate.

What about all of the custom tabs that give you control of additional media, contest forms, etc.?
Custom tabs are now under “More”. Some can call this a disaster seeing how the custom tabs are now being hidden from the direct view of fans. I mean, people are paying to have their custom tabs/apps showing. Placement of the custom tabs is detrimental to marketing on Facebook, because it is negatively affecting Page owners. Page owners rely on these customizations to deliver crucial information to their following. Now the information that was immediately presented to fans and followers is non-existent - owners have nothing with which to entice their following to click on the “More” tab. How are they supposed to deliver this information? Facebook took the power of customization and the control over what is being presented. No matter what the Page content is, Facebook has control over what information is immediately displayed, and how much of it. Clearly, facebook Pages owners independence has been jeopardized.

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