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In the talk “Design For Humans” I educated on the art of digital storytelling through the use of user interfaces, the implementation of content strategy, and user experience design. This talk was a hands-on endeavor in which I used 4 volunteers to discuss their favorite story and how it affected them. I encouraged attendees to come prepared to better understand the detail oriented processes of wireframing, creating information architecture, and interface design.

kameron williams - design for humans

“Design: do or plan (something) with a specific purpose or intention in mind.”


The ultimate goal of my talk was to help the audience understand that a good story comes from intelligent design. Just as a good story does; good design speaks to a particular audience, it takes place within certain set of parameters, has a plot, and ultimately delivers a resolution or value. Design is the conduit for solutions. The herald of problem solving.

Being on the design track at WordCamp Phoenix 2014, my secondary objective was for the designers present to understand that nowadays designers and content creators are the bulk of your marketing team… so it’s their job just as much as the marketer's job to move businesses forward through listening, creating a dialogue, and the good use of analytics. If you were unable to hear my talk check out the slides below...



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