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"The Trailblazer"

Kameron Williams

CEO | Founder
Creative Director


Kameron Williams is the Creative Director and founder of LilliMedia. In 2008 he began his quest of painting the web. Kameron has a mixed skill set of multimedia and art expertise that include: web design, web development, photography, illustration and marketing communications. He uses his gifts to help businesses create customers online. His passion is to tell the stories of the businesses that LilliMedia works with, and to provide web based solutions to help businesses grow.

Kameron began building websites in 2002. Coming from a family of creatives, his natural inclination was to immerse himself. He loves creating and discovering the paints, patterns, textures, sights, sounds, and experiences that life has to offer. Thus he tends to analyze them in great detail. Kameron’s obsession with sensory and storytelling has directly lead to the success of both himself and LilliMedia.

Kameron is a single father of four, and loves being a Dad. He loves spending time with his family, and listening to music of all kinds. Kameron (a life hacker) usually spends his free time on continuing his education, reading industry blogs, and finding creative solutions to everyday problems in both his commercial and personal life.

“move forward…”


pc, mac, & chromebooks :-)

Favorite Food?

Uhm? Food. Duh.

Favorite Artist?

to many to mention...

Favorite Movie?

The Fifth Element
The Matrix Trilogy

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